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An outdoor pocket blanket is basically a lightweight, beach or picnic blanket that generally provides a good cover against wet soil and sheds water easily. To keep warm in windy conditions most have small pockets at each corner to keep weighted objects, and some even have double-sided loops at the corners to hold loose soil-hanging items. There are several types of this kind of blanket available in the market today. Some are made of 100% nylon while others are made of cotton /spandex blend. The latter type is preferred by many, since it is comfortable to wear even when the wind blows strongly. Moreover, such blankets are easy to clean since they tend to shed water more quickly compared to other materials.

The primary function of an outdoor pocket blanket may be different depending on the user but the main purpose remains the same. This lightweight blanket serves to provide protection against the effects of outdoor weather. Whether it is raining or snowing, the comfort of the user remains unaffected. In case of inclement weather such as heavy winds or overcast, the user will still be able to stay dry because of the effective interaction between the reflective surface of the blanket and the natural atmospheric conditions. This in effect shields the user from any probable injuries that could occur due to falling objects or shifting of ground surfaces due to heavy rainfall or snowfall. Similarly, heavy frost can prevent the use of patio heaters and pool heaters indoors during winter months due to lack of access to stored water. Be sure to read more here!

However, some people may not find this outdoor blanket useful for all seasons. In such cases, the blanket can still serve its primary role effectively by providing a barrier to protect the user from hazardous weather conditions. A durable beach blanket, for example, can be used throughout the year by simply stuffing it with dry material like newspaper or straw and securing it at the corners using waterproof tapes. This provides excellent protection from the elements while on the beach or at the pool. When stowing the item outdoors, it can be protected by placing three or more stakes on its ends at different heights. However, to prevent the accumulation of weight on its ends, it is advisable to stake the item down firmly using sturdy ties. Get more info here!

Other than serving the basic need of protection, pocket blankets are also useful for different purposes. For example, there are camping gear blankets available in different colors and designs to match the personal preferences of its users. They are manufactured using different materials, like polyester or cotton and may have different sizes and dimensions to suit different users. In addition, different colors and patterns are also available for different purposes. Look for more facts about blankets at https://www.encyclopedia.com/earth-and-environment/ecology-and-environmentalism/environmental-studies/blanket-bog.

Among the most popular users of outdoor blankets are campers and hikers. Since the blanket does not absorb too much water, it provides a comfortable and snug sleeping experience for them. Moreover, the thick fabric prevents the gear from getting wet even if it does get wet for a short period of time. Because of this, the user is not required to carry an extra blanket during a hike or a camping trip. Hikers can easily take along their own blanket that is thick enough to keep them warm.

Another great advantage of the blanket is its convenience carrying measures. As mentioned, it can be secured at the corners but can also be zipped up to look just like any other piece of clothing. Moreover, it has small and large enough zippers to fit any user. It is made of waterproof materials that make it ideal for use in even wet or water-resistant conditions. With these advantages, it can surely replace many bulky and cumbersome backpacks.

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